We're Setting The Record Straight!


February 1st, 2017


J.P. Sabby

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We're Setting the Record Straight!

(Lincoln, NE) – Today, the Lincoln Journal Star published a reaction to the Lancaster County Republican Party’s (LCGOP) latest press release. Their reaction to our press release “Leirion Gaylor Baird Can’t Be Trusted” was at best poorly-written and ill-conceived or at worst was written with an intent to blemish the LCGOP through dishonest reporting. We sincerely hope it was the former.

Our press release simply noted that Democrat Councilwoman Baird has consistently obstructed greatly-sought property tax relief during her tenure on the City Council. In 2016, she fought for higher taxes.  In 2015, she clearly fought sorely-needed tax relief.

The Lincoln Journal Star article suggested that the LCGOP’s press release was “less than honest” and “inflammatory” for not mentioning she only wanted to raise taxes in 2016 by half that proposed by Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler. The LCGOP simply conveyed the truth that Councilwoman Baird has consistently fought for increased property tax burdens in the past and now has all of a sudden come out in support of tax relief immediately before her reelection.  

This is highly suspect to even the most non-political observer. Why should we trust her to deliver on this promise? Given her record, it is unlikely Councilwoman Baird will deliver on her new promises.  

Unfortunately, the Lincoln Journal Star has used this as an opportunity to attack the LCGOP and to obscure the truth from its readers.

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