2020 Virtual County Convention

If you are a registered 2020 Lancaster County Republican Delegate you are eligible to participate in our 2020 LCGOP Virtual County Convention.  

Please click this link for updated information about the Virtual County Convention. Updated 4/6/2020

*Be aware that this event, as it stands, is pending based upon the recommendations of public health officials, due to the Coronavirus.*  

State Convention Alternates will also able to attend the State Convention.  However, they will not be voting members at the State Convention, unless there is an absence of elected State Convention Delegates.     

Please click here for more information about the NEGOP State Convention.

State Central Committee Man/Woman (SCC) must be able to attend at least three SCC meetings every year for the length of their term (2020-2022). The SCC is the governing body of the NEGOP in the absence of the State Convention.  Each meeting is held in a different Congressional District in Nebraska. SCC members are voting members, so attendance is important.  There is only one committee man and one committee woman selected in each Legislative District.  

SCC members also serve on our LCGOP County Central Committee.  This means they have voting power when those meetings are held.  The County Central Committee is the governing body of the County Party in the absence of the County Convention.

Most importantly though, SCC members and all Delegates are our network of individuals in the county who we can look to for leadership within our party. Former Delegates have been point people for helping our local candidates with their campaigns and/or running for a political office themselves. Obviously, the involvement of our SCC members and Delegates varies based upon their individual choices, but the more involved our members are, the stronger our party and candidates will be in Lancaster County. 

Please look below for the links to register as a 2020 State Convention Delegate/Alternate or a SCC Committeeman/Woman.

State Convention Delegate/Alternate Link

State Central Committee Man/Woman Link (SCC)

Please keep checking your email for further information about the virtual convention.

April 09, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7pm
lee todd Linda Rhoades Ryan Hamilton Maggie Higgins Rodney & Malinda Hinrichs Tom Carlson Cathy Mann Harvey Schwartz William Maly LeRoy Rock Marilyn M Borchardt Daniel Grone Cindi Card Tracy Preston Sandy Lineberry LaRae Eifert Deb Portz Kim Christiansen Patricia A Young Matt Anderson Faith White Lisa Charleston Kara Hunt Suzanne Geist Duane Meyer Tamara Hunt Mark Freeouf Alexander Stephens Marcia Remington Hannah Blythe Susan Smith Grant Latimer Matthew Anderson Tony Oberley David F. Wiegand Marilyn Strahm Joel Hunt LaVonne Veik Richard Veik Valerie Buller Aaron Hiltgen Lucy Bowers Tricia Hiltgen Ryan Thompson Curtis Klein Robert Bryant Dawn Krogh Rod Krogh

Who's RSVPing

Tom Nebelsick
Nadine Nebelsick
John Lorenzen
Linda Stoehr
Timothy Diehlman
Adriana Carvajal
Julie Klein
Tim Clare
Lynn Kleeb
Maxwell Smith
Eric Maher
Steven Berry
Randy Deters
Paul Huebner
Barbara Ballard
Jim Ballard
Rod Kaiser
Charlene Gondring
Colten Zamrzla
Catherine Turner
lee todd
Linda Rhoades
Ryan Hamilton
Maggie Higgins
Rodney & Malinda Hinrichs
Tom Carlson
Cathy Mann
Harvey Schwartz
William Maly
LeRoy Rock

Will you come?

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  • Tom Nebelsick
    rsvped 2020-04-08 16:39:15 -0500
  • Nadine Nebelsick
    rsvped 2020-04-08 16:38:19 -0500
  • John Lorenzen
    rsvped 2020-04-08 16:18:43 -0500
  • Linda Stoehr
    rsvped 2020-04-08 16:01:54 -0500
  • Timothy Diehlman
    rsvped 2020-04-08 11:40:46 -0500
  • Adriana Carvajal
    rsvped 2020-04-08 10:42:10 -0500
  • Julie Klein
    rsvped 2020-04-08 10:23:16 -0500
  • Tim Clare
    rsvped 2020-04-08 10:16:20 -0500
  • Lynn Kleeb
    rsvped 2020-04-08 09:47:12 -0500
  • Maxwell Smith
    rsvped 2020-04-08 09:04:19 -0500
  • Eric Maher
    rsvped 2020-04-08 00:08:04 -0500
  • Steven Berry
    rsvped 2020-04-07 22:35:15 -0500
  • Randy Deters
    rsvped 2020-04-07 22:18:55 -0500
  • Paul Huebner
    rsvped 2020-04-07 19:58:55 -0500
  • Barbara Ballard
    rsvped 2020-04-07 18:51:15 -0500
  • Jim Ballard
    rsvped 2020-04-07 18:41:31 -0500
  • Rod Kaiser
    rsvped 2020-04-07 17:14:35 -0500
  • Charlene Gondring
    rsvped 2020-04-07 16:24:18 -0500
  • Colten Zamrzla
    rsvped 2020-04-07 16:17:29 -0500
  • Catherine Turner
    rsvped 2020-04-07 14:50:37 -0500
  • lee todd
    rsvped 2020-04-07 14:13:49 -0500
  • Linda Rhoades
    rsvped 2020-04-07 14:01:28 -0500
  • Ryan Hamilton
    rsvped 2020-04-07 12:22:55 -0500
  • Maggie Higgins
    rsvped 2020-04-07 11:12:43 -0500
  • Rodney & Malinda Hinrichs
    rsvped 2020-04-07 10:55:31 -0500
  • Tom Carlson
    rsvped 2020-04-07 10:44:19 -0500
  • Cathy Mann
    rsvped 2020-04-07 10:32:34 -0500
  • Harvey Schwartz
    rsvped 2020-04-07 10:31:09 -0500
  • William Maly
    rsvped 2020-04-07 10:22:34 -0500
  • LeRoy Rock
    rsvped 2020-04-07 08:03:37 -0500


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