April 3rd, 2017


J.P. Sabby 

[email protected]

Seed Money for Democrat Shadow Group Revealed

(Lincoln, NE) Today the Lancaster County Republican Party calls upon Lincoln City Councilwoman Jane Raybould to disclose her involvement in the new Super PAC, Vote Local Vote Lincoln.

According to a February 2017 filing with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission, the seed money came from Jose Herrero who lives at 3015 S 20th Street in Lincoln.  That is the same address as the home of City Councilwoman Jane Raybould. The seed money was the only contribution reported in the filing that was made last month.

In an attempt to gain information about this Super PAC and who is really behind the phone calls that are disturbing people at their homes and offices, we found little information about Jose Herrero. His Facebook claims that he is the Director of Comillas Pontifical University in Spain. Other research indicates that he is the Secretary for a Foundation for Comillas University but the address is not in Spain, the address is again 3015 S. 20th Street in Lincoln.

We also found that Jose Herrero and a man named Jesus Mayo ran an import business at 3015 S 20th Street, called Mayo Productions. According to Open Corporates, this company was dissolved for not paying filing fees.

According to the Lancaster County Election Commissioners website, there is no one named Jose Herrero registered to vote in Lincoln. “Why would someone who is not even registered to vote in Lincoln, help form and provide seed money for a Super PAC? This is just one of many unanswered questions.”  said Lancaster County GOP Chairman J.P. Sabby.

We ask Councilwoman Raybould to come forward and answer the following questions.

  1. Is this her personal Super PAC?

  2. Why didn't she disclose her involvement with the Super PAC or that someone living in her home had launched this PAC?

  3. Would she or Vote Local Vote Lincoln provide a copy of the $1,000 check that was used as seed money?

  4. Why didn't Councilwoman Raybould use her registered campaign account to fund her campaign activity instead of starting a shill organization?

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