Mayor Beutler Playing D.C. Politics!


June 9, 2016 


J.P. Sabby


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Mayor Beutler Playing Politics with Lincoln's Budget!


Lincoln, NE – Mayor Chris Beutler is playing Washington, D.C. style politics with the budget for Lincoln and hiding his plans from the taxpayers.  On June 2nd Lincoln City Council members Trent Fellers, Cyndi Lamm, Roy Christensen and Jon Camp asked for the budget priorities of the Mayor in an effort to work together on a good budget for Lincoln.  The announcement of a $3.3 million budget shortfall and is disappointing management by the City.  

“Along with the announcement of a shortfall, the Mayor played politics as he always does, by announcing closure of city swimming pools,” said J.P. Sabby, Lancaster County GOP Chairman.  “The Mayor and his staff continually use Washington, D.C. style scare tactics when it comes to his mismanagement of the budget, and his actions must stop.”

This week Mayor Beutler has turned a budget issue into a partisan issue and refused to work to with the City Council and meet with the Council to solve the budget crisis. In addition, his Chief of Staff has refused to open up the budget process while also looking to increase the city payroll by up to 70 full times positions. 

“Mayor Beutler seems only interested in partisan politics rather than solving Lincoln's budget crisis, and he’s not even planning to attend the Council meeting to discuss the budget,” said Sabby. “It is time to put the Mayor's partisan politics aside, open the books and work with the City Council to solve Lincoln’s $170 million budget crisis.”

We call upon Mayor Beutler to stop his dishonest and partisan tactics and start serving the taxpayers of Lincoln with good fiscal management.

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