Leirion Gaylor Baird Can't Be Trusted!


January 29th, 2017


J.P. Sabby

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Leirion Gaylor Baird Can't Be Trusted!

(Lincoln, NE) - "Last Thursday, Democrat Lincoln City Councilwoman Leirion Baird announced that she would work towards cutting the city's property tax rate due to the recent spike in valuations.

However, in recent years Baird has fought tooth and nail to prevent property tax relief needed by Lincolnites. "Councilwoman Baird has consistently obstructed property tax relief for the citizens of Lincoln," said LCGOP Chairman JP Sabby. "How can we trust her to stick to this promise?"

In 2015, Baird supported Mayor Beutler's property tax increase on top of a spike in valuations against calls for tax relief from the citizens of Lincoln. She even said that the hardworking families of Lincoln would "pass on their pizza" to pay more in taxes.

Given her record, it's comical that Baird now asks for tax relief while she is running for reelection. Where was she when Lincoln residents asked for and truly needed meaningful tax relief? Baird is clearly nothing more than a political opportunist that's simply out of touch with the people of Lincoln. The honest taxpayers of Lincoln would rather you not play political games with their "pizza money," Councilwoman Baird.

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