Greetings from Newly Elected Chairman Eric Underwood!

Eric Underwood - Lancaster County GOP Chairman

A Vision For the Lancaster County GOP


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Congratulations to our new officers!

Farewell Message from Chairman Jason Jackson

Fellow Republicans,
As my term as Chairman of our Lancaster County Republican Party comes to an end today, I want to express my gratitude to all our volunteers, activists, and contributors that have been so supportive of our efforts these past two years. When you elected me as your Chair two years ago our goal was to professionalize our operations and strengthen our candidate support with stronger fundraising and more direct voter contact. I’m proud to report that over the last two years our fundraising improved by 55% over the previous two year period, and in the most recent municipal election we had the highest level of direct voter contacts on record. In addition to these successes we hired professional staff, improved our financial transparency, hosted more than a dozen meetings with our senior elected leaders, conducted two candidate training academies, invested in permanent absentee ballot registration, launched a precinct captain program, and took steps to strengthen the pro-life cause in our platform and decision making process.
While these successes are significant, much work remains. The demands of my duties in State government are such that I’ve made the difficult decision that the Party will be better served by a leader with more time to devote to Party operations.    
I’m proud that we are leaving the Party in a stronger position than we found it, and with your help, the leaders we elect at our convention tonight can build upon this foundation. I invite you to join me in extending to them our full support as they continue on the journey we’ve begun to build an impactful, professional, and conservative Republican Party in Lancaster County.  
Chairman Jason Jackson 


Fellow Conservatives,

The Legislature is in session to vote on redistricting and progressive democrats are pushing for a map that will gerrymander a Democrat Congress seat and overturn our conservative majority in the Nebraska legislature. 

It’s important that conservatives make our voice heard for a fair map that reflects the values of our State.  I encourage everyone to contact your State Senator to support Senator Lou Ann Linehan’s proposed district map, and also show up to testify in support as the Legislature hears public testimony. 

For Lancaster County residents, you can appear at 9 AM, September 15th, State Capital Room 1524.  Hope to see you there! 


Roy Christensen

Candidate School

2021 Lincoln Reagan Dinner

Chairman's Primary Election Update

Fellow Republicans, 
Thanks to your help and some great candidates, our party ran VERY strong in the municipal primary yesterday. All of our candidates advanced to general election and several of our challenges came within just a few hundred votes of passing Democrat incumbents! Democrats woke up this morning to the realization that they are in real danger losing seats on the City Council and School Board.  

Our candidates positive platform of fighting to keep kids in school and funding public safety is a winning message, and a sharp contrast to the current agenda in city hall. With the primary behind us and the general election just a month away, we need your help to change the direction of Lincoln and get these candidates over the hump.  See the full results from last night’s races here and learn more about how you can help here.    
Jason Jackson


Municipal Elections Kick-Off

Mary Hilton for City Council Fundraiser

The Lancaster County GOP Calls for the Expulsion of Senator Ernie Chambers for Sexual Harassment!

For Immediate Release    
July 22, 2020                                             

Media Contact

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Lincoln, NE- When the Nebraska Legislature reconvened on Monday, Senator Chambers immediately launched into a vile sexist attack on the body’s youngest female Senator, Julie Slama of Peru. Chambers’ rhetoric on Monday was an all-time low-point for the legislature, and included a threat to enslave and rape Slama. Chambers also suggested that Slama, a Yale graduate, owed her position to “favors of a fleshy nature.” Today the Lancaster County Republican Party called for the expulsion of Senator Chambers.  
Lancaster County GOP Chairman Jason Jackson issued the following statement: “At a time when we want more women and young people to be involved in politics, Senator Chambers’ remarks are certain to make young women feel unsafe serving in the legislature. The legislature needs to say with a united voice that sexual harassment will not be tolerated.” Jackson also called on Lincoln area senator and congressional candidate Kate Bolz to repudiate Chambers’ remarks. “Kate Bolz holds herself out as an ally of women yet she has been silent on an egregious case of sexual harassment against a more junior female colleague. I hope Senator Bolz will join her colleagues in condemning these vile comments.”

Jason Jackson
Lancaster County Republican Party Chairman 


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