LCGOP Leadership

County Central Committee - The County Central Committee consists of the members of the Executive Committee and the State Central Committeeman and woman elected from each Legislative District at the LCGOP County Convention.  This is the effective governing body of the LCGOP in absence of the County Convention.  

Please click HERE for the current members of the LCGOP County Central Committee.

State Central Committee Members - The State Central Committee is the effective governing body of the Nebraska State Republican Party (NEGOP), and its members in Lancaster County also serve as district leaders.  Each legislative district in Lancaster County currently elects a man and a woman to serve on this committee during even-year County Conventions.  State Central Committee Members serve two-year terms.   

Executive Committee - The Executive Committee is made up of officers elected at the odd-year County Conventions and those officials appointed by the Chair or Executive Committee with approval of the Central Committee.  This also includes the District Representatives from each Legislative District in Lancaster County (picked by the County Chair).  The Executive Committee is designed to carry out the directives of the County Convention or County Central Committee.  It acts as the governing body when the Central Committee or the County Convention is not in session.  The officers that are elected every two years are Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Please click HERE for the current members of the LCGOP Executive Committee.

District Leadership -  The District Leadership is comprised of the State Central Committee Members that are elected, and the District Representatives appointed by the County Chairman.  This group is integral in the development of our grassroots organization.  Please read about our organizational framework for more information about how we organize at the grassroots level.

Please click HERE for the current members of the LCGOP District Leadership team.







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