LCGOP County Central Commitee

The County Central Committee consists of the members of the Executive Committee and the State Central Committeeman and woman elected from each Legislative District at the LCGOP County Convention.  This is the effective governing body of the LCGOP in absence of the County Convention.  

LCGOP Chairman - Jason Jackson Email (

Vice-Chairman - Deanna Leyden

Secretary - Faith White

Treasurer - Allen Simpson

Legal Counsel -  Jason Hayes

Communications Chair - Brian Petermann

LC Young Republican Chair - Jack Spray

Cornhusker Republican Women's Chair - Kathleen Dolezal

Finance Chair - Darlene Starman

College Republican Chair - Ellen Keast

Former LCGOP Chair - Jack Spray

Delegate Engagement Chair - Joel Hunt

Pro-Life Engagement Chair - Vacant

The representative of State Party (non-voting) - Caitlin Holman

State Central Committeeman 110 (LD 21) Jim Ballard

State Central Committeewoman 110 (LD 21) Barbara Ballard

District Representative 110 (LD 21) Paul Claus 

State Central Committeeman 111 (LD 25) Ron Bender

State Central Committeewoman 111 (LD 25) Deb Portz

District Representative 111 (LD 25) Matt Schulte

State Central Committeeman 112 (LD 26) Cody Schaff

State Central Committeewoman 112 (LD 26) Vacant

District Representative 112 (LD 26) Cyndi Lamm

State Central Committeeman 113 (LD 27) Greg Osborn

State Central Committeewoman 113 (LD 27) Faye Osborn

District Representative 113 (LD 27) Kenny Zoeller

State Central Committeeman 114 (LD 28) Timothy Duey

State Central Committeewoman 114 (LD 28) Kathyrn Ponte-Hamersky

District Representative 114 (LD 28) Dallas Jones Jr.

State Central Committeeman 115 (LD 29) Jason Hayes

State Central Committeewoman 115 (LD 29) Faith White

District Representative 115 (LD 29) Jason Jackson

State Central Committeeman 116 (LD 30/32) Joe Murray

State Central Committeewoman 116 (LD 30/32) Sharon Murray

District Representative 116 (LD 30/32) Arun Pondicherry                                                          

State Central Committeeman 117 (LD 46) Jerad Reimers

State Central Committeewoman 117 (LD 46) Kimberly Christiansen

District Representative 117 (LD 46) Jerad Reimers 

37 Positions on the LCGOP County Central Committee 

31 Current At Large Members on the LCGOP County Central Committee


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