LCGOP Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of officers elected at the odd-year County Conventions and those officials appointed by the Chair or Executive Committee which includes the District Representatives from each Legislative District in Lancaster County, with approval of the Central Committee.  The Executive Committee is designed to carry out the directives of the County Convention or County Central Committee.  It acts as the governing body when the Central Committee or the County Convention is not in session.  The officers that are elected every two years are Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

LCGOP Chairman - Jason Jackson - Email (

Vice Chairman - N/A

Secretary - Faith White 

Treasurer - Allen Simpson

Legal Counsel -  Brent Smoyer

Technology Chair - Brian Petermann

LC Young Republican Chair - Sara Mach 

Cornhusker Republican Women's Chair - Deb Portz

Finance Chair - Arun Pondicherry

College Republican Chair - Josh Harris

Legislative District 21 Representative - Paul Claus

Legislative District 25 Representative - JP Sabby

Legislative District 26 Representative - Brent Smoyer

Legislative District 27 Representative - Caitlin Holman

Legislative District 28 Representative - Timothy Duey

Legislative District 29 Representative - Sara Mach

Legislative District 30/32 Representative - Joe Murray

Legislative District 46 Representative - Jerad Reimers








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