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April 6th, 2017

Chairman J.P. Sabby

[email protected]

Democrat Shadow Group Revealed

(Lincoln, NE) On Monday, April 3rd on Drive Time Lincoln (DTL), it was revealed that membership of the fundraising committee for Democrat shadow group Vote Local, Vote Lincoln’s includes Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler, his Chief of Staff Rick Hoppe and current Democrat City Council Members Jane Raybould and Carl Eskridge according to a statement made by Jane Raybould to DTL. In addition, Councilwoman Raybould stated on February 2017 filing with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission that she wrote the initial check to the PAC and that Jose Herrero is her husband. As of Tuesday both their names are on the report as donors.

This PAC was created by former Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director and former Democrat Lincoln City Councilman Dan Marvin. Marvin currently serves on the Lincoln Charter Revision Commission, a position he was appointed to by Mayor Beutler. This commission reviews and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on proposed revisions to Lincoln's home rule charter.

On April 3rd, a late contribution was filed by Vote Local, Vote Lincoln with a donation of $1,296.54 from the Nebraska Democratic Party. “It seems like this shadow group is being sponsored by the highest levels within the Democratic Party in Lincoln and in the state. Why would the Nebraska Democratic Party donate to a Super PAC when they could support all their candidates by donating to their County Party” asked J.P. Sabby Lancaster County GOP Chairman.

Maggie J. Squires, a Democratic candidate for city council, stated on a Facebook post in the Lancaster County Democrats Discussion Group that the PAC formed by the Mayor to elect Democrats pulled their support due to her pro-cannabis stance. This was after she was told that the PAC would “help all Democrats get elected.” It was confirmed on DTL that the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Rick Hoppe contacted Ms. Squires before the candidate forum with the League of Conservation Voters that Vote Local, Vote Lincoln would not be endorsing her. Squires also told Nancy Hicks from the Lincoln Journal Star that she was not informed of this until three weeks after the shadow group’s formation - a decision that “robbed her of time to change her campaign strategy” which included the PAC’s support. 1

It was confirmed by Councilwoman Raybould that this is not her PAC and that she is only on the fundraising committee.

We ask Vote Local, Vote Lincoln and those Democrat operatives running it the following question: why are you not informing voters that the candidates you are supporting are Democrats? The question remains. Is this the Mayor's PAC, and how many other high ranking Democratic operatives are involved? Lincoln voters deserve answers.


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