Democrat Shadow Group Misinforming Lincoln Residents!

For Immediate Release

March 7th, 2017


J.P. Sabby 

[email protected]

Democrat Shadow Organization Appears in Lincoln in Time for City Council Election!

(Lincoln, NE) - A shadow organization promoting the anointed Lancaster County Democrat Party’s candidates for the upcoming Lincoln City Council elections appeared this past week. The ambiguously named shadow group – “Vote Local, Vote Lincoln” - promotes three of the four Democrat candidates for the Lincoln City Council on their website.  However, it doesn't promote any Republicans that are running in the same race.  For example, it doesn't mention Republican City Council candidate and native Lincolnite Brayden McLaughlin.

The group promotes the reelection of Democrat City Councilwoman Leirion Baird and their website links directly to her campaign website. Baird has a consistent history of voting for higher property taxes and obstructing any attempt at property tax relief. With her looming reelection, Baird has changed her rhetoric in order to woo Lincoln voters. Baird also recently saw close to a $50,000 valuation increase in her own property taxes. Perhaps she too would like to keep more of the “pizza money” she believed Lincolnites were willing to part with when she advocated for past tax increases.

The group also advocates for the election of Lou Braatz, a supporter and Nebraska organizer for Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders.  Braatz’s personal campaign page, which shadow group “Vote Local, Vote Lincoln's” website links directly to, is suspiciously silent on the growing property tax burden borne by Lincolnites.  As a former community organizer for Sanders, it is likely that Lou Braatz supports the former Democrat presidential candidate’s Democratic-Socialist platform which calls for European-style socialism, high taxes, and massive redistribution of wealth.  

“Vote Local, Vote Lincoln’s” website lacks any kind of substantive stance on any of the issues relevant to Lincoln voters.  “This shadow organization is nothing more than a means of pulling the wool over the eyes of Lincoln voters who want tax relief,” said LCGOP Chairman J.P. Sabby. He continued, “It’s really unfortunate that local Democrat operatives have adopted D.C.-style tactics to influence our local elections since their actual policies are so out-of-touch with Lincoln residents."

J.P. Sabby
Lancaster County Republican Party Chair
[email protected]

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